Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rude People on Etsy

Well, I had my first bad experience with Etsy last night. I was in a chat room and someone featured my Hello Kitty Ring. I was pretty happy that someone liked it as much as I did. But, then someone changed the room title too "Hello Kitty isn't Handmade." Well first off, In my item description it never stated that the Hello Kitty Cabochon was 'Handmade.' I felt so disrespected that someone would even do that. Considering everyone in the chat room were Etsy Sellers.

Why must people be so rude to someone? Let alone, go and do it behind a room title. If they would've contacted me personally through the chat room or through a convo - I wouldn't have felt this way.

I will post some new earrings on here tomorrow. They are listed on my Etsy shop right now. Good Day Bloggers.

Website: www.decocouture.etsy.com

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